So I hear around the web that every “brand” should have some kind of mission statement or a message about what you want your audience to take away from what you’re doing. Something to give people an idea of what you’re about. Well, I’m not a pro at this “branding” thing. I’m barely an amateur. I’ve really just read a few things on different sites that people haveĀ  tweeted. I don’t even know if doing this ‘Geek and a Camera’ thing is a brand, or just a new adventure that I’m trying to have some fun with.

Does it even matter? It’ll probably change day to day depending on so many different things in life.

I love to take pictures. Whether I’m good at it or not. I like being able to capture a single moment of beauty from the chaos of life. Hopefully over time I’ll get some photos that other people will really love too. And hopefully the more that I do this the more that I’ll learn. But it’ll probably always just be a hobby that makes me happy.

Hopefully you see something that catches your eye.

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