Conner Prairie at Dawn, Pt. 2

As I mentioned in my last post, you’ll probably notice I post a lot about Conner Prairie at Dawn. I really do photograph more than that… The timing has just kinda worked out that I discovered these events at close to the same time I started this little Geek project. Though I will absolutely admit that I love going on these shoots.IMG_3721

This second time that I went was even more amazing than the first. It helped out a lot that I was more familiar with the grounds this time. The night before I could actually plan ahead where I wanted to be at what times to hopefully get the prefect light for that area. Luckily there were a couple of things that were different this time to make it even better. The weather was even better this time (it got overcast fairly quickly the first month), and there were a lot more animals out and about! I was super relieved. I was a little worried it would be another shoot with just some barns and sheep (not that there’s anything wrong with that). But this time I got horses, cows, and pigs to photograph too!


They were all very generous with their poses and antics. I swear the horse knew I was taking his/her picture and lined up purposely lined up for some good shots:


I think since the temps have dipped down a little bit now, and the sun is rising later, there were a lot fewer people around this time. Which was perfectly fine by me. I’ve always been painfully shy, so having less people around to look at me while I’m framing a shot takes a huge weight off my chest! One of the things I promise myself while I’m here for these 3 hours is that I won’t check my phone for anything (other than checking the time). It’s nice to unplug for a few hours and just enjoy the beauty of everything. Admittedly, I forget to do that as much as I should. I honestly spend a lot of these morning just walking around and enjoying how peaceful it is rather than taking pictures. It’s really nice to unwind and forget about the rest of the world.

I did meet this really nice photographer named Rad Drew. He does some really neat work with iPhone photography. He even does some iPhone photography workshops, including one here at Conner Prairie for October (great opportunity to learn about your iPhone camera if you have one).

I’ve never taken photography as seriously as I do now. I’ve always understood that it takes a lot of skill, training, and practice…but I’ve only ever treated it as something you can just pick up a camera and start doing. But going on these shoots, paying attention to what I’m doing, and taking the time to look at where the light is and how something is framed in a shot has give me more respect for people who make photography their life. It’s hard work sometimes…but it’s always fun!

Conner Prairie at Dawn details


Here are some more of my favorites for this September’s event…


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